Welcome to "Sara's Unbridled Thoughts" This is a way for me to empty my mind of all the thoughts and stories that have accumulated and been rattling around in my brain for so many years. The horses and people I've met through this adventurous life I'm still living has taught me so much. I've backed just short of 1,000 horses of all breeds and disciplines, met amazing people and contiue to learn every day. I hope that amongst these blog posts you will find a bit of inspiration, or solution to a puzzle. 

May 9, 2017

The Plight of the OTTB

River Rafting
River Rafting

The Plight of the OTTB

My one of many examples of how these horses slip through the cracks.


“Look! I bet that is a Thoroughbred!” I almost shouted as I grabbed my husband’s arm and started dragging him to the farthest pen across the rows of sale horses.

He rolled his eyes and stated that he supposed we would soon own it.

“Let’s check and see if it has a tattoo!” As I climb into the pen of the largest horse I had seen in a long time I was met halfway as if the horse...


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